To perform a Rent Review:

  • Select a Tenancy
  • Click Rent Reviews on the left menu
  • Click on the review button beside the next rent review (if there is no next rent review add a rent review first)
  • click on the rent review reminder on the dashboard
  • click Perform Rent Review

Has the rent changed?

If the rent is not changing select No for the Has the rent changed? question, make any notes and then save.  This completes the rent review.

If the rent will change select Yes for the Has the rent changed? question. 

Depending on the Review Type, this will allow you to enter a percentage value for the rent change or a new rent amount.  If it is not offering you the option you require, select Cancel and edit the rent review type first.

Click Continue to edit the new rent invoice template.

The next step is confirming the new rent template.  The rent entered in the first step will be showing, along with any template lines marked as Outgoings from the current rent (or Service Charge).  

Make any changes as required and Save.

*Note* if you are changing rent pay dates, the system will not auto-generate adjustment rental invoices.