How to Copy an Invoice?

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This article serves as your guide to quickly duplicating invoices within Re-Leased. Copying an invoice can streamline your workflow by generating a new invoice with the same details as an original invoice. This function is particularly helpful when recurring expenses or income items need to be invoiced with similar details. Here, we'll cover the eligible invoice statuses for copying and provide step-by-step instructions for creating a duplicate invoice efficiently.

Eligible Invoice Statuses for Copying

Invoices can be copied in Re-Leased once they are in one of the following statuses:

  • Approved
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Paid
  • Voided

Steps to Copy an Invoice

Follow these simple steps to duplicate an invoice in Re-Leased:

  1. Navigate to the Income & Expenses section and locate the invoice you wish to copy.
  2. Open the selected invoice to view its details.
  3. Click on the right-hand menu (often represented by three dots or lines).
  4. Select the Copy Invoice option.

Upon selecting Copy Invoice, a new invoice will be created with the exact details of the original, ready to be edited or approved as needed.

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Once you have copied your invoice:

  1. Review the new invoice to ensure all details have been correctly duplicated.
  2. Make any required adjustments to the invoice details such as dates, amounts, or line items.
  3. Proceed to approve, void, or pay the invoice as per your business processes.

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