Invoice Field Mapping Between Sage Intacct and Re-Leased

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This article provides detailed information about the syncing of invoices between Sage Intacct and Re-Leased. Understanding this mapping is essential for ensuring data integrity and accuracy across both platforms. We'll dissect each field that is mapped from an invoice in Sage Intacct to its corresponding field in Re-Leased.


Invoice Field Mapping Explained

When an invoice is created in Sage Intacct, several key details are synced with Re-Leased, allowing for a seamless flow of financial data between the two systems. It's crucial to know which fields correspond with each other to maintain consistency and avoid discrepancies in your records.


Mapped Fields Between Sage Intacct and Re-Leased

Let's review each mapped field:

  • Invoice Number: The unique identifier for the invoice.
  • Invoiced Customer: The entity being billed.
  • Invoice Issue Date: When the invoice was generated.
  • Invoice Due Date: When payment for the invoice is expected.
  • Approved Status in Re-Leased: This reflects the 'Posted' status in Sage Intacct, indicating the invoice is finalized and authorized for accounting purposes.
  • Entry Description: A brief overview or narrative of the invoice's purpose.
  • Entry Amount Excluding Tax: The total invoice value before tax is applied.
  • Account: The specific general ledger account that the invoice affects.
  • Dimensions Tracking: Categorization fields used for detailed reporting and analysis, such as departments, locations, or projects.
  • Invoice Tax Amount Total: The total tax cost associated with the invoice.
  • Invoice Total Including Tax: The entire payable amount of the invoice inclusive of taxes.
  • Entry Tax Detail: Specifics about the tax rates and amounts applied to the invoice.

Screenshot of invoice in RL to match Sage Intacct.png

Screenshot of invoice in Sage Intacct to match RL.png


Understanding this mapping ensures that your invoicing process runs smoothly and that your accounting records are always synchronized between Sage Intacct and Re-Leased.

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