Setting Up Creditor Contacts for BPAY (AUS-Only)

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When managing payments via BPAY for your creditors, it's essential to correctly set up their Biller code and Customer Reference Number (CRN) to generate accurate bank payment files during disbursement. This article guides you through the steps to input this information for each creditor, ensuring your payments are processed seamlessly. 

Setting a Biller Code for a BPAY Creditor

To attribute a Biller code to your BPAY creditor, you have two methods: 

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab and select the desired creditor. Scroll down to the Payments section, input the Biller code, and hit Save
  2. Alternatively, you can set the Biller code simultaneously as you assign CRNs to a Property or Area (outlined below). 


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Assigning CRNs to a Contact in Relation to a Property or Area 

For pairing a creditor with a reference number based on Property or Area, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Property section and select Contacts from the menu on the left. 
  2. Open the BPAY Creditors tab and hit Add Creditor to link a new BPAY Creditor. 
  3. Use the search bar in the Find Contacts screen to locate your contact by name or Biller code, then choose the corresponding contact to add BPAY details. 

Detailed BPAY Creditor Information 

The BPAY Creditor information page contains several fields: 

  • Creditor Name: Selecting this opens the Contact in a new tab. 
  • BPAY Biller code: Populates from the Contact's details or can be entered here directly. 
  • CRN Allocated to: Choose between Property or Area, depending on how the creditor invoices you. 
  • CRN: Enter the Customer Reference Number here. It saves automatically once you deselect the field. 
  • More actions: Add multiple CRNs for a single creditor when needed. 
  • Create Area: Designate a new Area for a Property and instantly assign a CRN to it. 

Once all details are entered, clicking Close will bring you back to the full list of BPAY Creditors for that Property. 

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Managing BPAY Creditors on a Property 

On the main BPAY Creditors List page: 

  • Select Manage creditor's BPAY details to view or adjust any details for a creditor. 
  • Use the Contextual Menu [...] to remove a creditor from the Property's BPAY list when they are no longer needed. This action doesn't delete the contact entirely but only their association with a specific BPAY list. 

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For a more in-depth overview, see this video below on managing BPAY Creditors:


By following the outlined steps above, you'll be able to effortlessly manage your BPAY creditors' details to ensure all transactions are handled correctly within your system. 

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