Lease Renewal Options Reporting

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For those in the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions, you'll recognize the terms "Terms & Breaks" and "Tenancies." Meanwhile, our North American customers will be more familiar with "Terms & Options" and "Leases." To understand the regional terminology distinctions in detail, please visit our Glossary of Regional Terminology.


This guide is designed to help you gain a comprehensive view of Lease Renewal Options across your portfolio by using the Events Report feature. Whether you're tracking the Term Renewals or Renewal Option Expiries, our reporting tool provides you with the detailed insights you need to manage and anticipate your property lease renewals efficiently.


Accessing the Portfolio-Wide View on Lease Renewal Options

To review your lease renewal options throughout your entire portfolio, navigate to the Events Report under Reports and the General menu.


Setting Filters for the Report

First, apply the necessary filters to refine your data:

  • Company
  • Manager
  • Delegated To
  • Status
  • Properties

Lease Renewal Option dates are now included within two event types under the "Event types to Include" filter:

  1. Term Renewals (an existing event type)
  2. Renewal Option Expiries (a newly introduced event type)

After setting your filters, click Generate Report on Screen to view a tally of each event type, categorized by Property and Tenancy.

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Term Renewals Report

Select the number in the Total row under Term Renewal to pull up the Sub-report. This Sub-report provides a detailed breakdown of all Term Renewals meeting your filtered criteria, opening in a new browser tab.

The Sub-report features a new column titled Option Expiry, which indicates the Renewal Option Expiry Date for each listed renewal that has a corresponding option. You can download this report in PDF or CSV formats, as needed.


Renewal Option Expiries Report

Similarly, click on the number in the Total row under Renewal Option Expiry to generate the Sub-report for all Renewal Option expiries fitting your filter settings.

The Sub-report will display pertinent details and is also available for download in PDF or CSV file formats.


By utilizing these reports, you can effortlessly manage lease renewals and stay ahead of expiry dates, assisting you in making informed decisions for your property portfolio.


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