Rent Roll/Tenancy Schedule (Legacy) Report

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For those in the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions, you'll recognize the terms "Tenancy Schedule" and "Tenancies." Meanwhile, our North American customers will be more familiar with "Rent Roll" and "Leases." To understand the regional terminology distinctions in detail, please visit our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

This guide will help you understand and generate the Rent Roll/Tenancy Schedule (Legacy) report within Re-Leased. Ideal for gaining insights on properties and leases/tenancies, this report includes information on occupancy, financials, Lease Terms, Reviews, Outgoings, and Rent. By following the outlined steps, you will be able to fine-tune your reports to meet your specific needs, ensuring you have comprehensive data readily available.


Filtering Your Report

Customize your Rent Roll/Tenancy Schedule (Legacy) report by applying extensive filters to extract the exact data you need:

  • Reports For: Select the company for report generation.
  • Owner to Include: Opt for one or more owners' properties to report on.
  • Property Manager: Narrow down by specifying a Property Manager.
  • Types of Properties to Include: Focus your report on selected property types.
  • Property to Include: Incorporate specific properties in your report.
  • Tags to Include: Use tags to refine your search parameters.
  • Occupancy Status: Choose to report on vacant, occupied, or both types of areas.
  • Detail to Include: Include detailed aspects or Include All down the right-hand-side menu.


Understanding Report Details

The details in your report offer deep insights:

  • Expiry Dates: Keep track of next and final expiry dates for tenancies.
  • Outgoings: Assess outgoings in percentage or per unit area based on active budgets.
  • Rent Information: Observe initial, current, and anticipated future rents, along with market rent assessments.
  • Tenancy Clauses and Types: Review tenancy-specific clauses and understand the tenancy type.
  • Non-Lettable/Measurable Areas: Include data for unrentable or non-measurable areas if needed.


Report Generation and Export Options

With your filters set, generate the report using these options:

  • Select Generate Report on Screen for an immediate on-platform display.
  • Click Print as PDF for a hardcopy or electronic PDF file.
  • Choose Download CSV to edit the data in spreadsheet software.


Tips for Handling Large PDF Exports

To enhance the PDF layout of your Rent Roll/Tenancy Schedule (Legacy) report:

  1. Open the PDF in a program such as Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Access the print option and select Poster.
  3. Modify the Tile Scale in the print preview to divide the report over multiple pages if necessary.
  4. Print the document once you are satisfied with the layout.


Using these guidelines ensures your Rent Roll/Tenancy Schedule reports are navigable and presented with utmost clarity.


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