Setting Up Future Events Notifications on Your Calendar

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This article aims to assist you in managing your calendar more effectively by outlining how to set up future event notifications in your system. These notifications act as advance warnings for all types of upcoming calendar events, helping you stay ahead of your schedule. Let's dive into how you can personalize your notification timeline for different event types.


Accessing Notification Settings

To customize how far in advance you'd like to receive notifications for different types of calendar events, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Choose Users to display the list of system users.
  3. Select the user profile for which you want to set advance notifications.
  4. Look for the section titled Advance Notification of Calendar Events.

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Setting the Notification Period

Within the user profile:

  1. Find the event type you want to change the notification settings for.
  2. Click on the corresponding drop-down menu next to that event type.
  3. Select the desired time frame for receiving advance notifications – this could be several days, weeks, or months prior to the event.
  4. The system will automatically save your preference and apply it to all events of that type.


Understanding Calendar Notifications

Once your preferences are saved, any upcoming event of the specified type will appear on your calendar. These are visually distinguished by a white box with a dashed outline. It's a simple yet effective visual cue to remind you of what's on the horizon, without cluttering your current schedule.


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With a few clicks, you can set yourself up for seamless event management. No more last-minute rushes or surprise commitments; your calendar is now an even more powerful tool for staying organized and proactive.

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