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This article provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to use the Quick Links Menu in Re-Leased, a powerful tool that allows users to find information and perform tasks swiftly. The menu is readily accessible across the platform and knowing how to utilize it can greatly enhance productivity by saving you time and effort. 

The Anatomy of the Quick Links Menu 

The Quick Links Menu is the user's hub for fast navigation and task management, and it encompasses several key features: 

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All Companies 

At the top, you can see the name of the company you're currently working with.

Add New Records or Transactions 

Use the Add [+] button to quickly start adding various items such as: 

  • New properties, notes, contacts 
  • Process payments 
  • Add invoices and credit notes 

For users who handle Client/Trust Accounting, additional options include bank deposits, bank statement imports, and initiating disbursements. 

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Search Bar 

The search bar allows you to efficiently locate any type of record within Re-Leased. Simply type to search, click to open, or use action icons for tasks.


Start typing in the search bar, and you'll see matches for properties, tenancies, documents, and contacts. The more specific you type, the more refined your search results will be. For broad search terms with many matches, the top five for each category will be displayed with an option to view more if needed. 

To access a record, click its name, or utilize the menu icons to the right of each search result for additional options: 

  • Properties: Add tenancy, maintenance, or inspection 
  • Tenancies: Receipt a payment, vacate the current term 
  • Documents: Download directly from the search results 
  • Contacts: Access contact-related options (where applicable) 

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Profile and Settings 

Clicking on your photo or initials opens a menu where you can adjust your personal account settings or sign out of Re-Leased. 

Xero Integration 

Xero syncing is also managed under the quick links menu with two states indicating synchronization status: 

Synced - Your accounts are currently in sync. This will show as spinning arrows and turn to a blue flag once synced. 

Syncing Issue - Attention is needed to resolve the syncing issues. This will show as a red flag

Xero, Stand-Alone, and Trust Accounting Users 

All users, regardless of their accounting system, can access the menu options within Re-Leased. 

By familiarizing yourself with the Quick Links Menu, you streamline your workflow and make your operations within Re-Leased more effective. 

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