New navigation menu – a simpler way to find what you need and get things done faster

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As we continue to improve the Re-Leased platform with more features and capabilities, we have noticed that some essential pages and product areas now require 3-4 clicks to reach. To help you save time and make things easier, we've made the navigation simpler, so you can switch between tasks and workflows smoothly.

This soon-to-be-released update is designed to improve your efficiency, making it easier to find what you need, and helping you get your work done faster. Now, you can navigate to your core workflows more efficiently and save valuable time.

The Main Menu

The new main menu includes a number of categories tailored to support your business processes. The menu items visible in your account are determined by your user permissions and your Re-Leased subscription.

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To find specific product areas, click on a navigation menu category, then select the area you want to go to. Here's a summary of the categories and product areas:

  • My Calendar, Global Calendar and My Analytics are still accessible from the Dashboard
    Properties and Tenancies have moved to Property Management
  • Income & Expenses and Trust/Client Accounts have moved to Accounting
  • Insights, general reports and the Report Builder are available under Reporting
  • Contacts, Documents and Reminders live neatly under the Contextual Menu [...]
  • Account Settings can be accessed through your My Account

You can read more about navigating the main menu here.

The Quick Links Menu

Quick Links.png

We have also made improvements to the quick links menu, located directly under the main navigation. Below is a summary of the menu items and quick access points to different tasks and actions.

  • The Search Bar performs a global search across all your properties, tenancies, documents, and contacts for your keywords.
  • Use the Add [+] button to quickly start adding new items, such as new properties, notes, contacts, process payments, and add invoices and credit notes. For users who handle Client/Trust Accounting, additional options include bank deposits, bank statement imports, and disbursements.
  • Use the Sync arrows to check and manage the status of your connected accounting synchronization.
  • The Rocket ship icon provides access to the Re-Leased Beta program area, where you can opt in or out of current beta programs.
  • Personalize your experience with Re-Leased by adjusting Settings. You can also manage add-ons and integrations to suit your portfolio’s needs.
  • Use the [?] button to access in-app customer support and the Re-Leased Help, provide feedback, and read about our latest product updates. You can also submit product requests or upvote existing development items through the Re-Leased Product Roadmap link.

You can read more about navigating the quick links menu here

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