Accessing Your Re-Leased System

Re-Leased is a web-based application that requires you to log in with a username and password. Enter the email address and password you are registered with and click the "sign in" button to log into your account. 

Australian/New Zealand Users

For clients in Australia and New Zealand, the login page is

UK Users

For clients in the UK, the login page is

Rest of the world

For clients in the rest of the world or who have been with us for a long time, the login page is or click the login button on our website.


Using the incorrect server

You can only log into the server where your data is stored.  Attempting to log into the wrong server will return this error, which is the same message as if you have the wrong password: 

•The e-mail address or password provided is incorrect. Please check your credentials and try again.

Note: Re-Leased data is stored on 3 different regional servers.