What Companies can I see?

You will notice that you may have access to more than one Company, as listed in the top left corner of Re-Leased.

Companies are the top level of the hierarchy that Re-Leased uses.

In Re-Leased:

  • Companies are the organisations that own the Properties.
  • Properties are the items that have the Tenancies.

Your login could show a single company, if you only have one permissions to see one company or if you have just selected one Company to look at in, say, the Properties section.

It could also say ‘All Companies’, meaning that you are looking at the details of all the Companies you are registered to see.


In the following example you can see there are three management companies - ABC, XYZ and 123.

You can see that Company ABC owns two Properties, and one of these (Property 12) has two Leases, while the other Companies have their own Properties and Leases.

If your User has been given privileges to see only the first two Companies (ABD and XYZ), you will be able to see all of the Properties and Leases for these two Companies, but none of the details for Company 123.

If you think you need access to other Companies, talk to your Re-Leased administrator.

Changing Companies and Properties

By having the ability throughout the application to select any (or all) of your Companies, and any (or all) of their Properties, you can see all of your details in one view, without having to switch between the Companies, or logging out and in again with different credentials.