Re-Leased Settings are the global settings that are used throughout the system.  

Access the Settings by selecting Settings from the green main menu bar.

Settings are applied across a Company, so if you have permissions to view more than Company then make sure you are changing them for the correct company. 

Select the company you wish to work on the settings for on the drop-down menu at the top, each time you select a different company the screen will refresh.

There are 5 parts of the Settings Menu

Company and Users

Manage your company settings, add more companies, manage users and your Re-Leased account subscription.


Control the options available when setting up property and tenancy files.


Set up and maintain distribution lists and templates to send by email and text message and rules for managing rent arrears and inspection notices.


Manage your accounting and property management settings.  Trust Accounting options are only visible to clients with Trust Accounting/Client Accounting on their subscription. Xero users manage Tax Types and Chart of Account codes in Xero but may view them here.

Add-Ons and Integration
Manage Xero sync here for Xero users and manage other integrations such as Fixflo, Inspection Express, and the Landlord Portal.