Tracking categories are set up in Xero then synched back to Re-Leased through the Xero Add-on in Company Settings. These can then be assigned to property files and then applied to invoices, which enables more options with financial reporting in Xero. The first tracking Category should be called Property (or similar), and there should be a 1:1 ratio of Properties to Tracking Category Options:

Xero allows users to set up a secondary Tracking Category, for use with other add-ons, or to fine-tune reporting further in relation to your Re-Leased transactions.

The Tracking option in the General section of the Settings menu allows users to see the Tracking options available, without needing to access the Xero account.

Viewing Tracking Categories from the Settings Menu  Select Settings then Tracking categories

The Xero Tracking Category list in Re-Leased is a read-only list of the tracking options set up in Xero.

Managing Tracking Category options in Xero - to find out more visit

Connecting Property Tracking to the Company

Access the Company in Re-Leased by selecting Settings on the green main menu, then Manage Companies, then select the company to connect tracking for. Select Property as the Xero Property Tracking Category.

Update Invoice Options

The first time tracking is connected, an update invoice option needs to be selected.

To leave all past invoices as they are, select 'Do not update invoices'.

If tracking has already been linked to properties, prior to selecting the tracking category against the company, the option to 'update the associated property on all invoices' will add the property to the related property field to any invoices which have already used the tracking category, where no related property has already been selected, to match the property linked to that tracking code.

Connecting Property Tracking to Properties

Xero tracking is connected to each property to the corresponding Property tracking category.  This can be done at the time of entering the property, or later by opening the property file and selecting Property Details from the left menu.

Update Invoice Options - Property

When selecting the tracking category for the property, the user will be prompted to make a selection about updating invoices.

Selecting 'Do no update invoices' will leave all invoices unchanged.

Selecting 'Update the associated property on all invoices' will update the Related Property field on any invoices which had already used this tracking category and which didn't already have a Related Property.   This is useful for users who have been using Xero for longer than Re-Leased.

Property Tracking in Invoices

The Property heading will appear on all invoices and rent templates throughout Re-Leased.  Selecting a related property will automatically populate them with the correct matching tracking category.

Invoices entered into Xero, which have tracking selected, will update the related property when the invoice syncs into Re-Leased.  This means expense invoices can be entered into either program and still appear correctly against the property file and will be included in calculations of actuals and in budget wash-ups.