The Tenancy Types are the types of tenancies you can select when adding a Tenancy record to a property.  These are also used to specify which tenancies to include in the Property Analysis report.

Tenancy Types can also be added during data entry and from any Tenancy record.

Managing Tenancy Types in the Settings Menu

   1. Manage available Tenancy Types by clicking Settings on the green main menu

   2. Select Tenancy Types in the General section 

   Tenancy Type list

Click Create New Tenancy Type to add an option to the list, or import a list of types from a spreadsheet by clicking the Import button.  Click the Tenancy Type name link to edit or archive an existing Tenancy Type.  View archived Tenancy Types on the Archived Tenancy Types tab.

3. To add a new Tenancy type, click on the 'Create New Tenancy Type' button.

  • Enter the Name
  • Click on 'Save tenancy type'

Importing new Tenancy Types

4. To import a file with Tenancy types:

  • Click on the 'Import' button
  • Use the 'Browse' button to select a file with the new records
  • Verify that the contents are acceptable, by looking at the message panel on the right. If the check marks are green then the row will be imported.
  • Click on 'Import' to import the values

Editing a Tenancy type

To edit a Tenancy type:

  • Click on the name
  • Make any changes to the name
  • Click 'Save tenancy type'

Archiving a Tenancy type

To archive a tenancy type:

  • Click on the Name
  • Click on the 'Archive' button
  • When asked if you are sure, click on the 'Archive this tenancy type' button

Un-Archiving a Tenancy type

To un-archive a lease type:

  • Select the 'Archived Lease Types' tab
  • Click on the 'Restore' link next to the name
  • When asked if you are sure, click on the 'Restore this lease type' button

Adding a Tenancy Type from the Tenancy file

1.  Go into Tenancies 

2.  Select the tenancy you want to add/change tenancy type to

1.Select Tenancy Details from the left menu of any Tenancy file

2.Tenancy Type drop-down selector will show all current Tenancy Types, select Add new at the end of the list to add another Tenancy Type.

Type the name for the new Tenancy Type then click save tenancy type to add it to the list of Tenancy Types and select it for this file.