To update the Chart of Accounts or Tax Types in Xero, you will need to be logged into your Xero account.

From there, click on 'Settings'.

To add a new Account - click on 'Add Account'

To edit an existing Account - click on the 'Account Name'

Once saved, the next sync between Xero and Re-Leased will update your settings in Re-Leased.

Syncing the updates with Re-Leased

The next automatic sync between Xero and Re-Leased will copy the changes into Re-Leased.

To force a manual sync, there are two options:

1. In Settings > Tax Types or Chart of Accounts > Click on the 'Sync with Xero' button. 

2. In Settings > Manage Add-ons and Integrations >  Click on the 'Sync Tax Types' or 'Sync accounts' button.