If cheques are to be used on a Trust Account enabled company, the available cheques need to be added before they can be issued.  The Cheque Books management area also allows cheques to be cancelled.

Manage cheque books on your Trust Account by clicking Settings on the green main menu, selecting a company to work with, then Cheque Books in the Accounting section.

Managing Cheque Books

Cheque Books List

1. Click Record New Cheque Book to add a new cheque book.

2. Click the cheque book name link to view cheques, and cancel cheques.

3. Use the tabs above the list to switch to viewing completed, cancelled or archived cheque books.  A completed cheque book is one where all cheque numbers have been used.

Recording a New Cheque Book

1. Enter a name for the cheque book.

2. Select the Trust Account it is for.

3. Add first and last cheque numbers to set the range for this book.

Cheque Book Details

Click the Cheque Book name link from the list to view the Cheque Book Details screen. 

Each cheque in the book is listed.

For cheques which have been used, the list will show the date of issue, the user who processed the disbursement, payee name, status and amount.

To cancel a cheque, select the red icon beside the amount column.  Cheques which have been cancelled do not show this option, and the status will say cancelled in red text.

Edit Cheque book allows the user to change the name or cheque number range, if the next cheque number is updated, the status of any missed cheques will show as Skipped in orange text.

Editing a Cheque Book

Selecting Edit Cheque book allows changes to the details first loaded.  You may change the cheque book name, first and last numbers.  The last number cannot be a cheque which has already been issued.

Editing the Next Number is allowed, however not recommended.  Making it a higher number will change the status of any cheques which are currently not issued to skipped.  It is better to cancel cheques rather than skipping them so that a reason can be entered.

Cancelling a Cheque Book

Selecting Cancel Cheque Book allows the user to nominate a reason - choose from Stolen, Lost, Cancelled and Other.

All unused cheques will be marked as cancelled.  This cannot be undone.

Use the tabs above the list to view the cancelled cheque books.  They are still available to click on, and cheques which have been previously issued may be cancelled if required.

Archiving a Cheque Book

Cheque books can only be archived where there are no cheques issued at all, or if every available cheque has been cancelled.  Use this option only if the cheque book was created in error.

Cancelling a Cheque

Click Cancel Cheque on the line for the cheque to be cancelled.

Select a reason and confirm by clicking Cancel this Cheque.  This cannot be reversed.  The payment associated with the issue of this cheque will also be reversed.