The Invite User functionality allows you to send an email to a user to join your company in Re-Leased.

To send an email to a new user inviting them into your company in Re-Leased, click on the Users in the Settings menu, and then click on the 'Invite User' button.

  • Email address - This is the email address to send the invite to, and will also be the user's login name.
  • Email body - this will be pre-filled. You can type in new text, and can also use the quick links on the left to add in the Company Name, First Name or Last Name.

User Settings

  • Admin users can manage other users - this will allow the user to change other user's settings. You should only select this if the user is to have managerial rights over other users settings
  • Limited to Property/Lease invoices - this will prevent the user from seeing any other invoices other than those that are assigned to Leases
  • Owners portal access only - the user will only be able to see the limited functionality that is in the Re-Leased portal