Users can change their own password, update contact details and set preferences for email notifications, advance notifications on the dashboard and in emails as well as set up enhanced security and view their login history.

See also: Managing Your Own User Video

Accessing your own user preferences

The fastest way to access your settings is by clicking your initials or avatar on the top black menu bar.  

Alternatively, users with access to manage other users may click Users on the Settings menu, then select the link for their own user.

User Account screen

1. Click on your Avatar 

2. Select "My Account"

3. See your properties and tasks, as well as option to re-assign tasks in bulk 

4. These fields can be mail merged 

5. Personalise your Avatar 

6. Secure your account 

7. Manage email notifications 

8. Set up and one-way Sync 

9. Sets ageing when viewing arrears on the dashboard hub 

10. Change password 

11. Optional integration for Australian users 

12. Save user

The user can edit their contact details, be aware that editing the email address will change your login name to the new email address.  These details and the user views settings can also be changed by a user with access to manage other users.  All other settings on this page can only be edited by the user while logged in.

The User Role is your level of access. The administrator is the highest level and has unrestricted access to all settings.

Place a tick if the user is a Property Manager to allow them to be selected as the manager of new property files. 

Place a tick to use single session mode, this logs you out of your account if you log in again at another location.

Click Configure to set up 2-factor authentication, you will need Google Authenticator installed on your phone to complete the setup.

The last 5 logins/ login attempts will be listed.  Any failed attempts will be highlighted in red, and there is a link to show the previous log in history if needed.

To-Do List email preferences

There are 3 options for receiving To-Do list emails.  Daily To-Do emails will contain that day's To-Do list only and are sent each day that an event occurs.  Advance To-Do lists are sent daily if a notification is due, based on the advance preferences selected for each event type below.  Events move onto the Overdue To-Do list if they are not actioned on the due date, and will be emailed daily until cleared.

Use the coloured circles to nominate the events included in these emails; any which are unticked will be excluded.

Advance Notification preferences

The Advance Notification preferences for each event affect the Advance To-Do list email and the dashboard calendar.  Select from the drop-down list.

Changing your Password

Click Change Password, then enter your old password and a new password twice to complete a change. New passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one letter and one number.

Managed Properties Tab

The Manage Properties tab will show all properties managed by the user.

For more information on Reassigning properties to another user see Re-assigning properties from one user to another

Delegated Tasks Tab

The Delegated Tasks tab will show all tasks and events assigned to the user.  These can be re-delegated in bulk from this page.