New users can be added or invited.  A user who has never had a Re-Leased account before must be invited in. This can be done manually, one at a time, or in bulk by preparing a spreadsheet to import.

A user is only invited if their email address is already associated with an existing user account.  A warning will appear when adding a new user if they already have a login.

Accessing the Users List

Select Settings from the green main menu, then choose the company you wish to manage users for and click Users in the Company and Users section.  If a user is going to be able to access many companies, select one which they will be allowed access to set them up initially, and then add them to each company under Manage Companies.

If you do not have this section, your user access does not allow you to manage other users.

Creating a new user

To create a new User, click on the Create New User button.

Enter the new user's name, email address, and optional phone numbers.  The email address will be their login name.

Select the User Role which sets the permissions for the user.

If the user should be available to select as a manager for properties tick the User is a Property Manager tickbox.

Select use Enhanced Security mode if you require the user to use this.  The user needs to complete configuration once they log in.

Create a password for them (they will use these details to login with). They can personalize this password once they log in by clicking on their name in the top right-hand corner of the application, in the header bar.  Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and must contain both letters and numbers.

Note: Once added, the password cannot be changed by you, it is only available for editing by the new user.

The following are the options that can be set for the user:

Users can manage other users - this will allow the user to change other user's settings. You should only select this if the user is to have managerial rights over other user's settings.

Limited to Property/Lease invoices - this will prevent the user from seeing any other invoices other than those that are assigned to Leases

Owners portal access only - the user will only be able to see the limited functionality that is in the Re-Leased.

Adding users to other companies

New users automatically have access to the company they have been loaded against.  To give access to more companies, or to restrict access at a later time, open the company by selecting Settings from the green main menu, then Manage Companies.  Click into Security and search for the user names to control who can access that company with their login.

See also Archiving Users