Companies associated with your Re-Leased account can be managed by selecting Settings from the green main menu, then Manage Companies in the Company & Users section.  If you cannot see the Company and Users section it means the access level for your login does not permit managing other users.

Company List

Every company your user login has access to will show on the list.  This could be just one or many companies.  

The Billing Group indicates who's Re-Leased account is paying the subscriptions in relation to that company.  Accountants and advisers with access to many client companies will be able to tell easily which accounts they are paying for, and which are paid for by the client direct.

Click the company name link to open it for editing or archiving, or to adjust the users who can access it.

Editing Company Details - Trust / Client Accounting Users

Make any change as required and click Save to keep them or Cancel to discard your changes.

Additionally, each trust or client account is connected to a 'Company' contact.  If you are updating your contact details, both areas need to be changed.

Editing Company Details for Xero users

Users with Xero connected no longer manage invoice templates in Re-Leased.  See Xero Invoice Branding settings for these options.

Xero Integration connects transactions entered in Xero to the correct property in Re-Leased if tracking is set up.  Your Xero Property Tracking Category should be called Property and the options set up in Xero should match your property list.  There should be a 1:1 ratio of Xero property tracking category options to properties.  For more information about Xero integration please see Integrating with Xero