To add another company to your Re-Leased account, click Settings on the green main menu, then Manage Companies and click the green Create New button above the company list.

Create Company - add Company Details

Complete the details for the company, see below for information about Rent Invoice dates.  Click Save to keep this new company or Cancel to discard the new company.


After clicking Save the Company Set Up Wizard will launch, see New Company Set Up Wizard in the Getting Started Guide.

Advance Invoice Generation Date Options

If invoices are to be generated in advance, there is an option to select if they will be dated the due date to keep the income in the same period as the rental being charged.  This is important for Xero users who use the accrual method to calculate the tax.

Note: The advance generation option chosen here is a default for new tenancies.  Changing the advance generation on this page will not update any tenancies previously loaded - this can be updated per tenancy in the Tenancy Details section of the tenancy records.

Selecting "Use the date the invoice is generated" will ensure invoices are dated the day they are issued, this option does not alter the due date which is always the first day of the rental period.  For companies with Trust Accounting or using Re-Leased stand-alone with no Xero connection this is the most popular option.