Templates are shared across all of your companies.  

Access your templates by selecting Templates on the Settings Menu.  

The Text Message Templates list shows the name of each template and a preview of the text contained within. 

1. Click the blue template name link to edit or archive an existing template.

2. Add a new template by clicking the green Create text message template button on the top right of the screen.

Select a template type for your text message, this will affect where you are able to use the template within the system.

  • General Templates: These can be sent from within a contact file, or to a group of contacts from the Contacts page.
  • Arrears Templates: Arrears notices can only be used as part of the Arrears rules which are sent from the Arrears Hub.  There are specific types for addressing rent arrears, non-rent arrears or both rent and non-rent arrears and additional merge fields are made available that are specific to the type of Arrears selected.
  • Inspection Notice Templates: These can be used to set up Inspection Notice Rules and are sent via the Dashboard link to inspection notices.  Additional merge fields are made available that are specific to Inspections when this type is selected.

Type your message, using the blue merge field buttons to add placeholders where the message will be personalised when sent.  Text messages are limited to 320 characters, a warning will appear on the screen if you exceed this limit.

The Preview button will show your template with some sample data populating the merge fields so that you can check the way your text messages will look when sent.

Click Save to keep your template or Back to text message templates to return to the templates list without saving.