Arrears Rules allow you to set up your preferred communication plan for handling rent and non-rent arrears communications and ensure you comply with any legal requirements.  Any overdue invoice that matches the criteria set up in the rules will automatically be added to the Actionable Arrears list in the Arrears hub to make sure nothing is missed and all legal requirements are completed. 

The Arrears tile on the dashboard will notify you when there are arrears to be actioned. 

Before Arrears Rules can be created, you will need to set up email/letter and text templates first so they can be assigned to a rule. See Email/Letter Templates and Text Message Templates for instructions on how to do this.

1. Select Settings 

2. To create a new rule, click Arrears Rules from the Settings menu

3. Click Create New Arrears Rule to create a new rule, or click on any existing rule to edit it

Create Rule

  1. Title: You are able to select which rule to run in the Arrears Hub so make sure you give the rule a descriptive name. Arrears Type: Choose which type of arrears the rule will apply to Rent, Non-Rent or Both
  2. Actions: Set up the steps for each kind of communication you want to be reminded to send, using length and units to determine when each step is triggered.  Add as many steps as needed by selecting the blue '+Add Action' button. Delivery Method: Select a delivery method; email and/or text. Template: Select from templates you have already set up. 
  3. Default: Only one rule can be the default rule for a company
  4. Save Arrears Rule 

For help with using the Arrears Hub see Sending Arrears Notices