Distribution lists allow communication to be sent to a specific group of contacts. When selecting recipients for email or text message communication, contacts can be added to the list based on connection to a specific property, by manually selecting individuals or by selecting a Distribution List.

Click Settings on the green main menu to access Distribution Lists.

The Distribution Lists page shows the name of each Distribution List already available. 

1.Click the blue list name link to open an existing list to make changes or archive it.

2. Add a new list by clicking the green 'Create New Distribution List' button on the top right of the screen.

Adding a Distribution List:

  1. Add a title for the Distribution List
  2. Select recipients from the contact list by clicking on the Recipient space, or use the Include All button to add all contacts to the list. Remove contacts from the list by clicking the X beside their names.
  3. Click Save Distribution List to keep this list, or cancel to return to the Distribution Lists page without saving this list.

Editing a Distribution List

1. Select a Distribution List from the Distribution Lists page to edit or archive. Make changes as required 

2. Save to keep them

3. Select Archive to permanently remove this list.