Re-Leased is designed to operate in conjunction with Xero’s Online Accounting software.

Items that are managed in Xero:

  • Tax Types
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Processing of Payments
  • Bank References
  • Bank Name
  • Particulars & Code

Items that can be managed in both Re-Leased and Xero:

  • Contacts (can only be archived or unarchived in Xero)
  • Invoices (Income Invoices and Bills)
  • Credit Notes

If you decide to use Xero Integration, your Re-Leased data will be integrated with the data in Xero and will be kept in sync with regular updates.

Your financial settings (i.e. your Accounts, Tax rates, etc.) will then be managed in Xero while your daily transactions (i.e. your Invoices and your Contacts) can be managed in both Re-Leased and Xero.

Once you are integrated with Xero, the items that are managed in Xero are no longer managed in Re-Leased.

The items that can be managed in both Re-Leased and Xero are passed between Re-Leased and Xero as part of our syncing processes.  The only transactions which are shared are Invoices/Bills and Credit Notes.  Re-Leased is an invoice based system, transactions processed using 'spend money' or 'receive money' in Xero are not shared between Re-Leased and Xero.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there is a 1:1 connection between each Re-Leased company and the corresponding Xero company.  Once a Re-Leased company has been connected to a Xero company, it cannot be re-connected to any other Xero company.