Error text

Date: 24/01/2014 4:24:26 p.m.




A problem occurred syncing invoices with Xero.


Whoops, sorry we had trouble syncing your invoices with Xero...
Invoice Number: <INVOICE>, Customer: <CUSTOMER>, InvoiceId: <INVOICE>. 

Issue: Xero has rejected this approve request with the following message: Account code <CODE> is not a valid code for this document.
→ This invoice was reset to DRAFT status.
→ Resolution Advice: Please sign into Xero to resolve this issue.

Cause of the error

This error is the result of an Invoice being sent to Xero with an account that does not exist. This may be as a result of an account being archived in Re-Leased during an initial integration with Xero.

To resolve

The invoice will be reset back to Draft where it can be edited. You must either:

  • Update the Invoice in Re-Leased: Update the invoice in Re-Leased so that it uses a valid Account in Xero
  • Void the invoice in Re-Leased: Void the invoice in Re-Leased so that it will no longer be synced with Xero
  • Add the Account to Xero: Add the Account to Xero, and allow it to be synced with Re-Leased. This will then allow the Invoice to be edited with the account which is now valid. Once the Invoice is approved it will then sync successfully with Xero.