Error text

Date: 24/01/2014 3:31:18 p.m.


A problem occurred syncing invoices with Xero.

Whoops, sorry we had trouble syncing your invoices with Xero...

Invoice Number: <INVOICE>, Customer: <CUSTOMER>, InvoiceId: <INVOICE>. 

Issue: Xero has rejected this approve request with the following message: The TaxType code <CODE> does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction.

→ This invoice was reset to DRAFT status.
→ Resolution Advice: Please sign into Xero to resolve this issue.

Cause of the error

This error is the result of an Invoice being sent to Xero with a Tax Rate does not exist in Xero, or is not a valid Tax Rate for the invoice's account.

To resolve

The invoice will be reset back to Draft where it can be edited. You must either:

  • Update the Invoice in Re-Leased: Update the invoice in Re-Leased so that it uses a valid Tax Rate and Account combination in Xero
  • Void the invoice in Re-Leased: Void the invoice in Re-Leased so that it will no longer be Synced
  • Add the Tax Rate to Xero: Add the Tax Rate to Xero, and allow the rate to be synced with Re-Leased. This will permit the Invoice to be edited with the tax rate which is now valid. Once the Invoice is Approved it will then sync successfully with Xero.