When a company has lost the ability to connect to Xero due to changes in either system Re-Leased will notify you that access has been revoked and a red banner message will show below the Re-Leased menus.  The user who established the connection will also receive an email with a link to start the connection process.

There is no need to notify support when you experience revoked status unless it happens frequently.

Only users with permission to manage add-ons will see the message.  Users without this level of permission may notice invoices failing to sync, these can be identified if you normally use Xero invoice numbers, because they will be numeric only (eg: 1234567), and not include the prefix usually used in Xero accounts (eg: INV-000123).

Xero access can be revoked from time to time for a number of reasons, unless the connection is lost frequently there is nothing to be concerned about.  No data will be lost.  You should re-establish the connection as soon as you notice it has been revoked.

These are the most common causes of revoked access:

  • Xero trial period expired: If you have a Trial period that has expired, you will need to resolve this in Xero before your connection can be restored.
  • Changes to user levels in Xero: If the user who connected the Re-Leased company to the Xero company is no longer authorised in the Xero company the access will be revoked.
  • 'Disconnect App' was selected in the Connected Apps page of the Xero account.
  • Server Maintenance and Software Upgrades: Occasionally there is an upgrade to either Re-Leased or Xero which impacts the API feed, on these occasions, the connection can be lost.
  • API Incidents: Xero may be experiencing an outage that is affecting the API.

Reconnect to Xero using the 'Reconnect to Xero' link provided on the banner message.  

The steps are almost the same as connecting for the first time.

Select Continue and Connect to Xero.  

This will open a Xero page for you to select the company on.  It needs to be the same company which was previously connected to the Re-Leased company.

The Sync From Date will already be populated with your original sync from date, if you originally synced for all time it will be blank.  Sync for 'all time' is no longer available, if you have previously used this option you now need to select a date.

Invoices and Credit Notes which are dated BEFORE the date you select will still be visible in both Re-Leased and Xero but changes won't be shared, so the best option would be either as far back as you need to capture your oldest invoices or the most recent period lock date in Xero.  Check the invoices in the 'Income and Expenses' area to see what the oldest item is.

If you later unlock a period in Xero that is prior to your 'Sync From' date, the connection can be disabled from Xero or Re-Leased, and re-connected using a different date to allow edited items to update.

Once the sync starts, it could take some time to complete.  You can continue working while this takes place.