To remove an item from the calendar, you can use Re-Leased functionality to say the item is no longer needing attention. For example:

  • Rent Due - To remove Rent Due and Final Rent Due items you can go the Invoices for the Lease and then process any received Rent Payments
  • Term Expiry - To remove any Term Expiry warnings you can extend or renew the Terms on the tenancy, create a Rolling Term or cancel the term

Completing items via the Calendar:

The following calendar items can actually be be completed from within the Calendar:

  • Maintenance Due
  • Inspection Due
  • Reminders
  • Term Expires
  • Insurance Renewals
  • Lease Breaks

To complete these items, click on them in the calendar and then:


   1. Enter a Completed On date

Once you click on the date, you will then have the screen below

2. Click on the Mark as Complete button.

Closing this window will then take you back to the Calendar and the item will appear with a checkmark next to it, indicating it is completed.