Using Re-Leased functionality to update items:

To remove an item from the calendar, you can use Re-Leased functionality to say the item is no longer needing attention. For example:

  • Rent Due - To remove Rent Due and Final Rent Due items you can go the Invoices for the Lease and then process any received Rent Payments
  • Term Expiry - To remove any Term Expiry warnings you can extend or renew the Terms on the tenancy, create a Rolling Term or cancel the term

Completing items via the Calendar:

The following calendar items can actually be be completed from within the Calendar:

  • Maintenance Due
  • Inspection Due
  • Reminders
  • TermĀ Expiries
  • Insurance Renewals
  • Lease Breaks

To complete these items, click on them in the calendar and then:

  1. Enter a Completed On date
  2. Click on the Mark as Complete button.

Closing this widow will then take you back to the Calendar and the item will appear with a checkmark next to it, indicating it is completed.