Notes can be created from within the Notes page of any Property or Tenancy file, or by using the + quicklinks menu at the top of the page.  Notes can be viewed within the property or tenancy they relate to, and by viewing the Notes Report in the Other section of the General Reports Menu.

Each note has the option of having a reminder associated with it. This reminder can be assigned to a user and also delegated to another.

The reminder is visible on the Global Dashboard for all users to see. Click the Reminder on the calendar to see more details. Only the reminder owner and the delegate can mark it as complete.

  1. All your reminders can be created, edited, updated or archived through this link
  2. Quick add, you can select the + button and add a note without going into a Property or Tenancy
  3. Global Calendar, you can select this button and view all or any team member's calendars.

           Reminders can be added without notes, via the My Reminders tile on the Dashboard page.