Your calendar events that have due dates of today or prior will appear in the To-Do list beside the dashboard calendar. Events due today will appear at the top of the list and the list is in date order, with the oldest items at the bottom. The coloured marker beside each event on the list is the same colour as the same event type on the calendar. 

The overdue events have a red bar beside them. Completing these items will remove them from the list. Un-ticking an event type below the calendar hides events of that type on the To-Do list. You can click on these to see the details in the same way as in the Calendar.

  1. Events due today 
  2. Events overdue
  3. Areas Hub 
  4. Maintenance Hub 
  5. Tenancy Inspection Hub 
  6. Reminders Hub 
  7. All event types that be shown in the calendar. Note: you can untick each box depending on what event is needed.