The YTD Expenses chart will display the expenses that have occurred in the current financial year so far.

The Graph can be displayed by Expense Type or by Property and can include multiple Companies or Properties.

To be included in the chart, an Expense must be on an Invoice that is in 'Approved' status, and the Invoice Date must be in the current Financial year.

The Financial Year is defined in the options, by choosing the first month of the Financial Year.


Selecting the YTD Expenses chart in the dropdown (or clicking the Options link on the chart) lets you configure the following chart options:

  • Subtitle - This is a line of text that will show on the chart, below the title.
  • Full Width Chart - Checking this will show the chart across the full width of the page. Unchecking it will show it in one half of the page.
  • Chart Display Order - This defines the order in which the chart will appear on the page.
  • Chart Type - Select 'Expense Type' to show the expenses by Expense Type or 'Property' to group the expenses into their Properties.
  • First month of financial year - This will define when the current Financial Year starts. Any date prior the the last occurrence of this month will not be included on the chart.
  • Expenses To Show - This will define how may expenses to show, with the largest expenses being shown first. Any other expenses will be grouped into a category of 'Other Expenses' on the chart.
  • Company Selection - Select which Companies to show on the report.
    Click in the box to select a specific Company, click 'Include All' to automatically add all your Companies or click 'Clear' to remove all Companies.
  • Property Selection - One of these boxes will appear for each Company, and list the Properties that can be selected.
    Click on 'Include All' to automatically add all the properties for a specific company or click 'Clear' to remove all Properties for a Company.