The Occupancy Chart is calculated as the percentage of:

Leased Area, as determined by the Area (m2) of the Current Leases
Total Area, as determined by the total Area (m2) of all the Property Areas (excluding Car Parks)

NOTE: This will match the value in the graph on the Property Summary page as well as the Property Vacancy report in the ‘Reports’ section.


Selecting the Occupancy chart in the dropdown (or clicking the Options link on the chart) lets you configure the following chart options:

  • Subtitle - This is a line of text that will show on the chart, below the title.
  • Full Width Chart - Checking this will show the chart across the full width of the page. Unchecking it will show it in one half of the page.
  • Chart Display Order - This defines the order in which the chart will appear on the page.
  • Company Selection - Select which Companies to show on the report.
    Click in the box to select a specific Company, click 'Include All' to automatically add all your Companies or click 'Clear' to remove all Companies.
  • Property Selection - One of these boxes will appear for each Company, and list the Properties that can be selected.
    Click on 'Include All' to automatically add all the properties for a specific company or click 'Clear' to remove all Properties for a Company.