Clicking on the Properties menu will show all of the Properties that are linked to your Companies.

From here you can view your current properties in a list or on a map, filter or search the list, view Archived Properties, and add or import new properties.

The Properties Page

The page will initially show all of your Properties. 

You may filter the list by:

  • Company
  • Property Manager
  • Property Type
  • Name or Street. 

For each Property, you can quickly preview the details, view the location on a map, or click on the name to manage the Property.

The ‘Search Properties’ box allows you type in part of a Property Name or Street address, and all those Properties that contain these letters will be shown.

Viewing Properties

1. Clicking on the magnifying glass next to a Property will show some relevant details for the Property, including current Lease, Occupancy, and Rent, etc.

2. Clicking on the map pin will open a new window and show the location in Google Maps.

3. Click on the Property Name to see the full details for the Property, as well as to make any changes