Clicking on a Property Name will open the record, and allow you to see details of the Property.  Clicking the Property Name can be done from the search menu, property list or anywhere else the name appears as a link, for example, if you are looking at an invoice.

The information is grouped into several tabs on the left of the page. The first of these and the one that shows when you click on a Property Name is the Summary tab.

Property Summary Page

The Summary tab of the Property contains some quick information about the Property and current Tenancies. Clicking a Tenancies name link will navigate you to the Tenancy File.

Clicking Show Advanced Details will reveal Annual Net Rent, Year Built and Land and Floor area sizes.  

Click Hide Advanced Details to hide this information

To return to the Summary at any time, click on the 'Summary' tab at the top of the menus on the left.

Property Summary Graphs

The Summary Page graphs provide a quick view of three of the most important Property percentage values - Market Rent, Potential Rent, and Occupancy.

These are calculated as follows:

  • Rent % (Actual vs Market) = Actual rent (the total annual rental amounts of the current rents for current tenancies) / Market Rent (the total annual rent for the areas with current tenancies - vacant areas are not included)
  • Rent % (Actual vs Potential) = Actual rent (the total annual rental amounts of the current rents for current tenancies) / Market Rent (the total annual rent for all areas including those which are vacant)
  • Occupancy % = Tenanted areas (total size of all areas with a current tenancy) / Total areas (total size of all areas against the property)

In all 3 cases, the actual value can be larger than 100% if there is more than one tenancy occupying the same area.

Editing Property Details

Click Property Details on the left side menu to make changes.  The data stored here is information that is specific to the Property such as Floor Area, Address, Date of Purchase, etc.

Type new information straight into the boxes and then click 'Save Property' to save them.

Usage Type

The field labelled 'Usage Type' can take one of three values:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Mixed

If this is set to either Residential or Mixed, there are extra fields available. These allow you to enter specific information related only to Residential properties.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms require a number to be entered.

Chattels/Fixtures to include is a fixed list, click into the field to see the list or click select all, then de-select any unwanted items.  This list is not able to be managed, any additional Chattels and Fixtures can be mentioned in the Features field.