Areas are used to break properties down into the different spaces within.  

Examples of areas are office space, retail shops, car parking spaces, kitchens, canopies, workshop, billboards, phone aerials etc.  All areas which are able to be rented should be entered against the property.  It is also possible to add non-measurable areas, such as common areas, foyers, elevators, bathrooms etc which might not be leased to any tenants but where maintenance or inspections might need to be scheduled.

A property could have multiple areas, each of the same type. For example, a high-rise office building will have multiple different office 'areas'. In this case, you need to give each area a unique title eg. 'Floor 1 Office 1A', 'Floor 1 Office 2'.

For some types of properties there might be only one area - for instance, a residential house is rented as a whole.

Tenancies can then be linked to the areas they occupy, and each tenant may occupy one or many areas.  Each area is assigned a market rent value, and the tenant's current rent can be allocated to the areas for the Tenancy Schedule report.

For details on setting up area types to select from see Area Types

Viewing Property Areas

Select the property, either using the Search function on the top black menu or from the Property list, then click 'Areas' on the left side menu.

The list is divided into Occupied and Unassigned (or vacant) areas.  The current tenant appears as a link that can be clicked through to open the tenancy file.

Click 'Preview' to preview area details, or click the area name link to open it to edit or archive.

Adding a Property Area

  1. Click New Area to add an area to a property.
  2. Type a name.  
  3. Select a type or add a new type if needed.
  4. Enter a size - this is compulsory.
  5. Enter either Annual Market Rent or Cost per Square Metre.
  6. Click Save to keep the new area.

Editing or Archiving a Property Area

  1. Click the Area name link from the list
  2. Click Area Details on the left menu to make changes
  3. Save to keep any changes

Once a size is entered the market rent can be entered into the Annual Market Rent field, and the Cost Per Square Meter will be calculated.  If a Cost Per Square Metre is added, the Annual Market Rent will be calculated based on the size.

To change the units of measurement to feet instead of meters go to Settings Menu > Manage Companies.  The sizes are NOT recalculated when you change the measurement units.

To remove this area from the property click Archive.