Maintenance items can be added to keep track of maintenance scheduled and ad-hoc maintenance scheduling.  

Each maintenance item will display on the dashboard calendar on the due date, and all maintenance for all properties can be managed within the Maintenance Hub accessed from the dashboard screen.

Work orders and quote requests can be generated from a saved maintenance task.

Adding a new Maintenance Task from Global Search

Use Global Search to find a property, and using the menu to the right of the results, select 'Add Maintenance'.  This is the fastest option to start a new maintenance task.

Adding a new Maintenance Task from the Maintenance Hub

Select Maintenance Hub on the dashboard, then click New Maintenance.

Adding a new Maintenance Item from within the Property or Tenancy file

  • Select a Property or Tenancy
  • Click on the Tasks menu on the left
  • Click on the New Maintenance button.

Maintenance Details

  1. Title for this task, if you follow the maintenance process through to entering an expense invoice when marking it as complete, this will populate the description on the invoice.
  2. Maintenance Type: Select from the list, or add a new maintenance type with the option at the end of the list. Maintenance Types can be linked to expense options from your chart of accounts, manage them in the Settings Menu.
  3. Select which Tenancy the maintenance is relevant to. 
  4. Select the Area of Property to which the maintenance relates if relevant.  
  5. Delegate to Member to delegate the maintenance task to another user so that user can see the task on their calendar and manage the task. 
  6. The Description of Works entered here will be seen by the contractor.  
  7. Contractor Name Type in contractor name and system will bring up matches or create a new contact, or select the option to use preferred supplier.  
  8. Enter in Budgeted Cost if applicable
  9. Enter the Due Date for maintenance, which ties to the calendar.
  10. Select the option to have repeating maintenance, selecting the option will bring up further fields relating to frequency. 
  11. Notes entered are for your viewing only. 
  12. Add/Edit any Associated Keys 
  13. Upload any Associated Images
  14. Upload any Current Documents
  15. Update Tenancy Maintenance Contacts if required, this will automatically populate with any tenancy contacts where the Notice Options include Maintenance (see Tenancy Notice Options)
  16. Click Save

Generating a Work Order to Send to a Creditor

Once a Maintenance Task has been created you can then generate a Work Order which can be sent to a Creditor asking to engage their services. To learn about how to create one, see our Work Orders knowledge base article.