Completing a Maintenance item will mark it as being resolved and remove it from the To-Do lists, it will stay on the Calendar as a completed item with a tick beside it. It is different from 'Archiving' a maintenance item, which will remove it from the system and you will not be able to add it back.

To complete a Maintenance item

  • Click on the Dashboard menu and click to select a maintenance item from the Calendar or To-Do list; or
  • Click on the Maintenance Hub and click the magnifying glass icon beside the item to be completed.

1. Set the Completed On date (by default it will show today's date) 

2. Enter Completed Cost (optional); Completed Cost is visible in the landlord portal for Trust Accounting users.

3. If you wish to add more information about this maintenance or proceed to enter an expense invoice, click Yes beside Add DetailTo skip adding further information, select No beside Add Detail and then close the window.

4. Click Mark as Complete 

To reset the Reminder back to its previous status of Incomplete, you can click the Mark as Incomplete button.

Adding Detail to Completed Maintenance

Add notes, and upload any relevant documents.  

Information added at this stage is visible on the Landlord Portal for Trust Accounting users.

1. Tick Create Expense Invoice if you want to add an invoice for this maintenance after it's saved.  Using this function links the invoice to the task for easier reference in the future.

Click Save.

For more information on Expense Invoices, click here.

Viewing Details of Completed Maintenance

To view saved details, access the maintenance item from the property Tasks screen and click View Details.  You'll be able to add or edit the details, as well as access a link to the related invoice if you used the create expense invoice function when the maintenance was completed.

The completed maintenance task can also be viewed from the maintenance hub.

What does it look like on the Landlord Portal?

This video runs for approx 2 minutes: