The Maintenance Hub allows users to view and manage maintenance for all properties in one place.

To access the Maintenance Hub from the Dashboard by clicking the blue tile to the right of the calendar.

Maintenance Hub Maintenance View

  1. Click Create Maintenance
  2. Select criteria to filter the list, it will refresh as you make selections.
  3. Click column headings to sort the list.
  4. Click Title to open the maintenance task.
  5. Click the Property link to see a preview of the property file information.
  6. Click the Tenancy to preview tenancy file information. 
  7. Click the Contractor link to open the creditor's contact file.
  8. Click on the preview icon to access options for completing, ordering work and requesting quotes.

Maintenance Task Preview

Select the magnifying glass to preview the maintenance task. You can action the maintenance task in numerous ways via the preview. 

  1. Create a work order to action maintenance task. 
  2. Send a quote request to contractors.
  3. View or edit maintenance tasks.
  4. Open the related property or tenancy file. 
  5. Mark the maintenance as complete: Add cost, images, documents and create an expense invoice.

Maintenance Hub Work Order View

The Work Orders tab lists all Work Orders and can be filtered using the options above the list.

Clicking column headings will re-sort the list by that column.

Click the Work Order# link to edit, print or email work orders.

Click the maintenance or property links to preview the relevant files.

Click the contractor name link to open the contact file.

Maintenance Hub Quotes View

The Quotes tab will show all Quotes requested and can be filtered with the options above the list.

Clicking column headings will re-sort the list by that column.

Maintenance and Property link open previews of the relevant files.

The recipient's column will show how many contractors the quotes were requested from, and the responses column will show how many have submitted quotes online.

Click the Status link to view recipients, responses and accept quotes.