Property Titles are the official titles for a Property that indicates ownership of land.  Re-Leased can store the references to your official documentation for whenever it is needed. To view or record Titles, open the property file and then select Legal from the list of options on the left menu.

The Property Legal Page

The Property Legal tab contains the following details for property title recorded:

  1. The name of the Title - click through to make any changes
  2. The Lot and plan as entered
  3. Preview the title details of the title
  4. Any notes which have been added
  5. Current Rating Valuations 

Adding a Property Title record

Property Title information can be added during the New Property Wizard, or at any time from the property Legal page.

Click the green New Title button above the list to add a title.

Add title details and click save.


Editing a Property Title

  1. Click the Title name link in the Property Titles page
  2. Select Title Details on the left menu.  
  3. Make any changes and save the record.  
  4. Use archive to permanently remove this record.