Property Rating Valuations are the amounts that the property has been valued at, either by local authorities, or a property valuation specialist.

To view or record Rating Valuations, open the property file and then select Legal from the list of options on the left menu, then select Current Rating Valuations from the tabs above the list of Title records.

The Rating Valuations Page

The Rating Valuations page contains the following for each Rating Valuation record:

        1. The name of the Valuation

        2. Click Preview, to preview the Rating Valuation details

Adding a Rating Valuation record

Rating Valuations can be added during the New Property Wizard, or anytime by clicking New Rating Valuation on the Rating Valuations page of the property file.

  1. Add a Reference
  2. Select Date of Valuation
  3. Enter the Valuation (Land Value)
  4. Enter the Valuation (Improvements Value)
  5. The Capital Value will calculate based on the 2 fields above
  6. Click Save to keep these details.

Editing or Archiving a Rating Valuation

1. Click the Rating Valuation link from the list, 

2. Select Rating Valuation Details to make changes or archive this record.  

Once changes have been made, click Save to keep them, or cancel to keep the record unchanged.  Use the Archive button to permanently remove this record.