To see the Insurance records for a Property:

  • Select a Property
  • Click on the Insurance menu on the left

The Property Insurance Page

The Property Insurance page contains:

  • The name of the policy
  • 'Preview' link to preview policy 
  • The type of  policy 

New Insurance Record

Click New Insurance Record to add policy details, save to keep details.

Insurance Type: Defined in Company Settings 

Broker Name: If not existing contact, it will automatically be added. 

Renewal Date: When this record will show on the dashboard calendar for the manager of the property.  

Delegate to Member: Delegation allows this record to be shared with another user and will appear on user calendar. 

Edit or Archive Insurance Records

Click the policy name link to see a preview.  To edit or archive, select Insurance Details on the left side menu.  Make changes and Save to keep or Cancel to discard, or Archive to permanently remove this record.