To see the Insurance records for a Property:

  • Select a Property
  • Click on the Insurance menu on the left

The Property Insurance Page

The Property Insurance page contains:

  • Click the Policy Title to edit
  • Click Preview link to preview policy 
  • The type of policy 

New Insurance Record

1. Click New Insurance Record to add policy details, save to keep details.

2. Enter Policy Number

3. Choose Insurance Type, these are defined in Company Settings 

4. Enter Company Name

5. Enter Broker Name: If not set up as an existing contact, it will automatically be added. 

6. Enter Policy Start Date

7. Enter Policy Renewal Date

8. Enter in Premium, Excess & Cover Amount

9.  Renewal Date: When this record will show on the dashboard calendar for the manager of the property.  

Delegate to Member: Delegation allows this record to be shared with another user and will appear on user calendar. 

Edit or Archive Insurance Records

Click the policy name link to see a preview.  

To edit or archive, select Insurance Details on the left side menu.  Make changes and Save to keep or Cancel to discard, or Archive to permanently remove this record.

Renew Insurance

Insurance can be renewed from the Dashboard calendar.

Click the event and Mark as Complete, then select Yes to create the renewal.

The renewed insurance details will be completed for a consecutive policy, adjust any details and save.