If a property from your portfolio is sold or no longer being managed, it can be archived.  An archived property can be restored if you need it back later.

If there are ledgers associated to the property that also need to be archived, they will need to be removed first. 
This can be done from the Property > Ledgers > Add/Remove Ledgers area.

Select the property using search, from the properties list or by clicking the property name on a link anywhere.

Click on the Property Details tab on the left. This will open the Property Details section, and you will see an Archive button in the lower right corner.

Select if the property was sold, or being archived for other reasons.  It is optional to make a comment, and if the property was sold, more optional details may be added. Contacts are not created using the details entered in this area.  This information is used in the Sold Property List Report (See Reports Menu).

Property Sold


Clicking on the Archive this property button to archive the Property, at which point it will no longer be available for use in the system.

Note the warning message that any outstanding invoices, repeating invoices, related contacts, and owner ledgers will NOT be archived or voided in the process of archiving the property.