Modifying an Approved Budget will cause the existing budget to be archived and a new budget created in its place.

To modify a budget:

1. Select a Property

2. Click Outgoings on the left 

3. Click the Budgets tab

4. Select a Budget by clicking the Budget Title or View Button

5. Click on the Modify Budget button

You will be asked to confirm if you want to modify this budget. Click 'Modify Budget' to continue.

The budget will now be available for modifying. It will be placed into 'Draft' status where changes can be made and then approved, in the same way as adding a new budget.  See Creating a New Budget

If there are any new tenancies, they can be added by using 'edit allocations', this will add them in at the % loaded against their tenancy record.

Note: A copy of the original budget will be placed in the 'Modified Budgets Log' section of the Budgets page.