Occupied Areas

Occupied Areas are the areas of the property that are assigned to the tenancy.

To see the areas associated with a tenancy:

1.Select a Tenancy

2. Click Areas on the left menu

There will be a list of occupied areas and under that, a list of unassigned areas. Click on the area title to see area detail such as area type and rent. Click Preview to preview information.  

To add a new area click + New Area.

To archive area select area title and go to area details and select red Archive button. 

Rent to Area Allocation 

Rent to area allocation allows you to split the value of the tenants rent over the areas.  This allows the tenancy schedule to show a rate per metre (or foot, units of measurement are a global setting for each company).

Viewing and Managing Areas for a Tenancy 

Select the required tenancy

1. Click Occupied Areas

2. Click Select Area from the dropdown

3. Click Add Area to Tenancy

4. This information can be adjusted within Property Areas

5. To remove an area from the tenancy, click the red Minus Button on the right of Annual Market Rent

6. Adjust the rent allocation that will be displayed on the Tenancy Schedule Report by clicking Edit Rent to Area Allocation

Edit Eent to Area Allocation

Editing the rent to area allocation adjusts how the rent for each occupied area appears on the tenancy schedule report. You can edit rate per square metre or annual rent and the other will auto-populate.


1. Preview the Tenancy Summary by clicking on the magnifying glass button

2. These details are stored against the property

3. Complete the details as required for reporting purposes

4. Click Save