Terms are the dates for which a Tenancy is active. These are maintained over the duration of a tenancy, and can be updated at any time in Re-Leased.

  • Select a Tenancy
  • Click on the 'Terms' menu on the left
The Terms page contains all the Terms for a Lease, and shows them in three categories:

Current - The Current Term is the term whose dates include today's date.There can only be one current term.

Future OR Right of Renewals - Future Terms are any terms whose start date is in the future. There can be multiple future terms for a Lease.  When the future term is not linked to the current term as a right of renewal the heading will say Future Terms.  Where the new terms are entered as rights of renewal on the current term, the heading will say Right of Renewals instead.  

Past - Past terms are any terms whose end date is in the past. There can be multiple past terms for a Lease.