Cancelling the Current Term is the simplest way to end a Tenancy.  To Cancel the Current Term of the Tenancy:

  • Select a Tenancy
  • Click Terms & Breaks on the left menu
  • Click on the Cancel Current Term button
  • Click on the dashboard reminder of the term expiry or renewal
  • Click Cancel Current Term

A confirmation screen will appear for you to check that you are sure that you want to cancel this term.

Click on Remove From All Direct On-Charge Templates if you don't want this to be applied 

Click on Cancel this Term to cancel it.

The Tenancy will now show in the 'Cancelled' tab of the Tenancy page, it can still be edited.

No further automatic rent invoices will be generated but you can raise invoices if required and should check any repeating income invoices which might be set up.

Cancelling the term is different from vacating the term.  If you have advance warning that a tenant is going to vacate, or require final rent calculations you could use that option instead.