Voiding an Invoice means that it will no longer available for processing.  This cannot be undone.  Only invoices which have been approved can be voided.

To Void an Invoice:

  1. Click on the Income & Expenses menu, then select an Invoice. Alternatively, you can access invoices through the relevant tenancy or property. 
  2. Click on the Void Invoice button to void it.
  3. Click Confirm, Void this invoice to void OR click Cancel to cancel out of operation. 

Once voided, the invoice cannot be re-added to the system. If you void a rent invoice you cannot regenerate a rent invoice for the same period, you will have to generate a one-off invoice to cover the period. 


Note: Invoices that have been partially or fully processed cannot be voided. The 'Void' button will not be visible when you select the invoice for processing.