Contacts are added automatically when you use Re-Leased to enter Properties, Tenancies, Maintenance tasks etc.  Anytime you are able to select an existing contact, you can also type the name of a new contact which is then automatically added to your list of contacts for the associated company. 

When a new contact name is entered the field frame will turn green and the label new! will appear beside it.

  • When adding the Broker to a property insurance record
  • When selecting the Creditor for property maintenance
  • When entering a name in the 'To' field of an invoice

For example:

When adding a new Tenancy you will be able to enter associated contacts.  If Re-Leased finds that any of these are not yet in the system they will have 'new!' next to them. As you step through the 'Add Tenancy' wizard you will be asked to enter their contact details.