The Contacts section of Re-Leased comes with the ability to send an email to ContactsThe emails can be a one-off or written using a custom template.

Sending an email

1. Go to the Contacts menu 

2. Click on the Send Email button.

3. Type the recipient's contact name to add them to the email, or click Filter Contacts to filter and select groups of contacts.

4. Enter the body of your email

5. Once you have completed your email click send email.

Example contact search - all tenants for a property. Note the Current Tenant option will return all tenancy contacts who have the General Correspondence tenancy notice selected. To learn more about these settings see Tenancy Notice Options

Example contact search - using a distribution list:

1. Select a template or enter a subject and type the text of your message in the message box.

Note: Use the merge fields on the right to personalise the message if you are sending it to many recipients, merge fields in the text appear within these brackets {{ }}

2. Add any attachments and click Send Email to send the message.